Succession Planning

Like it or not, leadership transitions are inevitable

Succession planning is integral to the ongoing planning efforts of the well-managed organization. Solid Ground approaches the process as a subset of strategic planning to insure sustainable leadership for the organization. Our focus isn’t limited to retiring executives because organizations also need a plan that supports ongoing leadership development.

We offer two types of succession plans:

  1. The Emergency Succession Plan provides a roadmap for the board and leadership team to guide them through an unplanned leadership transition. We think of this as more of an interim management plan.
  2. The Strategic Succession Plan offers a long-range view of staff leadership in the organization that drives leadership development. The plan provides the framework for a seamless leadership transition.

Leadership transitions are a powerful opportunity to strengthen the organization.

Leadership transitions occur in every organization. They happen for any number of reasons, both planned and unplanned. Leadership transitions are transformational and offer a powerful opportunity to strengthen the organization – if a thoughtful plan is in place. Poorly planned and badly managed, transitions can lead to crisis, followed by a sharp drop in effectiveness and sometimes organizational failure.

Our expertise in succession planning helps ensure your organization:

  • Is prepared for an unplanned leadership transition
  • Has a clear, fresh perspective on the organization’s leadership needs based on the long-range strategic plan
  • Enjoys a pipeline of strong and capable leaders ready to expand their leadership roles as needed
  • Capitalizes on the tremendous team-building and staff retention value of succession planning and associated leadership development activities