Solid Ground Consulting’s Equity Lens

The Equity Lens is a method and tool for ensuring our commitment to equity is demonstrated in the everyday decisions and actions of our business.

  • What assumptions are we bringing to any issues, services, activity, program, or action?
  • What are the outcomes we are intending to create?
  • How will these outcomes impact racial equity?
  • How will these outcomes impact other non-dominant and underserved communities?
  • How are we intentionally welcoming, engaging, and hearing multiple diverse perspectives of underrepresented stakeholders who may be impacted by this policy, decision, strategy, or practice?
  • How will we consider, decide, and incorporate diverse stakeholder responses?
  • What are the potential unintended outcomes? How will we address these equitably?
  • What barriers exist to more equitable outcomes?
  • What systems do we need to adjust, adapt and/or change?
  • How and when will decisions, policies, strategies, processes, and practices be communicated?
  • How will we ensure communication takes place in an inclusive, culturally sensitive, and responsible manner?
  • How will feedback from staff, clients, and other stakeholders be collected?
  • Who will we share the results with?
  • What did we learn from this?
  • How will we incorporate this learning next time? How will we use evaluation and learning to raise racial awareness and awareness with other underrepresented groups?