Leadership Development

Building the capacity and confidence of leaders to make a difference

Nothing great was ever realized in a community without a leader stepping up to help make it happen. The best things in our communities are carried forward on the shoulders of people who care enough to lead.

We affirm leaders who are willing to step up. We help leaders develop their voice, their vision, and their ability to hold hands together. We encourage them to use their strengths, develop their skills and work effectively in teams to make the seemingly impossible happen.

We also know how to bring leaders and team members together to get things done. We know what makes committees successful. We know the nuances of the perfect agenda. We teach as we lead by managing group processes that set clear goals and then achieve them.

Preparing for dramatic change

The nonprofit sector is facing a dramatic change in coming years as seasoned leaders retire and pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. It is critical that we strengthen leadership capacity to meet this challenge.

There is no shortage of passion and commitment in the nonprofit sector. But making a real difference in our community requires more than commitment – it needs leadership capacity. As we all know, the challenge is huge and time is of the essence. And now more than ever, talented leaders are in short supply.

One of the most important aspects of capacity building is leadership development.

We believe one of the most important aspects of capacity building is leadership development. No other capacity-building effort generates the same return on investment. Solid leadership impacts all areas of the organization:

  • Leadership helps facilitate the acquisition and development of resources and enhances the organization’s outreach activities
  • Leaders set the tone for internal management decisions and provide the public face to the external world
  • Effective leaders enhance the organization’s image, prestige, and reputation within the community and are instrumental in establishing the partnerships, collaborations and other working relationships that advance the goals of the organization

Learning leadership skills

We design programs to help identify emerging leaders and to teach them to become better leaders. We believe that leadership skills can be learned. The Solid Ground approach to leadership development is more than a training program—it is a year-long developmental experience.

We combine three types of experiences to enhance the learning process: Assessment, Challenge and Support.  The goals of our leadership development efforts are:

  • Develop an understanding of and competencies in the various roles of a leader
  • Increase the personal and interpersonal effectiveness of current and emerging leaders
  • Enhance the capacity of leaders to think strategically and to catalyze and lead organizational change
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation