Strategic Planning

Our approach to strategic planning reflects the three constants of any good planning process: gather good information, make strategic decisions, and ensure implementation. 

We believe a plan is most likely to succeed when broadly supported by those it affects. This is true whether you’re involving thousands of constituents in a community-wide planning process or getting input from a few key stakeholders.

We also believe that difficult decisions lie at the core of a great strategic plan. We love helping groups unravel knots and focus on the most fundamental decisions that define direction, affirm beliefs, and ensure good ideas take root. Our range of decision-making approaches helps reveal issues that often have too much heat.

Difficult decisions lie at the core of a great strategic plan.

We invite people to consider an issue from various perspectives:

  • Why would this be a great idea? 
  • Why would this be a terrible idea?  
  • What information do we need in order to decide?  
  • What else is possible? 

We encourage groups to consider all the possibilities before narrowing choices to a set of strategies that help you reach your goal. We partner with our clients to translate their strategies into actionable plans to define success and measure it.

We work hard to ensure you have the tools and commitment to put action behind aspiration.