Fundraising Strategy

“Money is like manure: it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.” – Thornton Wilder

When working with nonprofits, we recognize how difficult fundraising is for many people. We hear, “I feel like I’m begging.”  “Asking for money feels intrusive.”  “I can’t hit up my friends to support my cause.” Nobody wants to be in the position of groveling for funds to support a good cause.

We look at fundraising differently. It isn’t about begging. It’s about offering people an opportunity to make a difference in an area they care about, by making an investment.

We have a lot of experience helping leaders get clear on how best to secure the funding their groups need. What’s more, we’ve personally been in the position of asking people to invest in organizations we care about. We are familiar with the logistics and details of successful fundraising efforts. When working with clients to design fundraising plans, we can imagine ourselves implementing them…because we have.

We give our nonprofit clients sticky ideas and toolkits for fundraising.