Branding & Marketing

Branding and marketing among innovative, mission-driven organizations are essential to organizations that are, more than ever, faced with staunch competition for attention, support, and funding.

At its core, a brand is the experience you promise each and every stakeholder of your organization. It’s who you are. If people experience your organization (and they do), you have a brand. The question is whether you manage it or neglect it.

At Solid Ground, branding and marketing are tools for good.

Far more than designing a logo or look and feel, branding is a management practice – standing right next to strategic planning, leadership development, and other organizational development necessities. Branding’s objective is to ensure that the promise your organization makes is the experience others have. That doesn’t involve just marketing; it includes everything you do – from the culture you build, to the people you hire, to the products and services you provide.

We make sure your branding covers all the bases by:

  • Carefully assessing your organization and competition
  • Leading brand identity workshops
  • Producing compelling brand statements
  • Planning and implementing branding strategies internally and externally

Why marketing matters

Marketing is the obvious companion to branding. It finds the people who matter to you, listens to them, and draws them closer. It explains and demonstrates what your brand stands for, what you do, how you are different, and why others should care.

Marketing finds the people who matter to you, listens to them, and draws them closer.

Like branding, marketing is a strategic practice. Our team helps you develop marketing plans and programs that:

  • Align with your strategies and brand
  • Reflect your team’s skill levels and availability
  • Identify and maximize tactics with the largest ROI
  • Live within budgets
  • Advance your mission