Few aspects of a nonprofit organization are more disliked or more misunderstood than fundraising. Yet few things define the opportunity to succeed more than fundraising.

Fundraising effectiveness often depends on other aspects of a strong organization: good people, good planning, good systems. When those pieces are in place, fundraising in the critical step of ensuring the organization has the resources to achieve its mission.

For fundraising to be effective, groups need to know how to build connections to the people who believe in their mission and invest in their community. Then they need to establish a program that provides opportunities for people to invest in the good work of the group. The bottom line: unless your organization has people who are willing and able to ask others to join in support of your efforts, you will struggle to raise money.

Assessing Readiness
Essentials of Fundraising
Who Is A Prospect
Target Constituencies
Donor Pyramid
Ladder of Effectiveness
Who Gives
Capacity Building
Fundraising Roles
Fundraising Tools
The Case Statement

Annual Giving
Setting Up a Giving Club
21 Tips To Cultivate Donors
Fundraising Orientation Packet
Major Donor Visit
Annual Giving Plan sample

Fundraising Planning
Reaching Your Goal
Fundraising Work Plan
Sample Fundraising Plan
Sample Fundraising Work Plan
Prospect Contact Plan