Board Development

Effective organizations start with good people. Organizations must recruit the best possible people based on a profile of the specific needs of the group. Once the board members have been recruited, the board also must support new members to make them immediately effective and an active part of the team. For these reasons, board development is one of the most critical jobs for the long-term health of the organization.

Here are some tools to help you in developing a strong board of directors.

Board Development
Overview of Board Duties
Basics of Board Development
Board Duties and Staff Support
Conflict of Interest
Board Fundraising Functions
Legal Obligations of Board Members
Roles in Board Development
Policy Making
Prudent Directors Check List

Board Recruitment
Board Recruitment Process
Board Member Application
Sample Board Profile Grid
Blank Board Profile Grid

Board Orientation
Orientation and Training Program
Board Manual-Sample Contents
Board Member Orientation Agenda
Job Description – Board Chair
Job Description – Board Member
Rights of Volunteer Board Members
Board Member Agreement

Board Evaluation
Why Evaluate Board Members
Board Member Evaluation
Board Member Self-Appraisal