Who We Work With

Healthy Environment • Thriving Economy • Vibrant Community


As many people have observed, environmental, community, and economic problems are often linked – making them even trickier to solve.

This is not news to the organizations and companies that Solid Ground works with. Our clients live and work at the intersection of these issues:

    • Land conservation groups protect critical lands and signature landscapes. Who benefits? Wild things (a place to call home), people (refreshing natural beauty), communities (tourism, viable working lands).
    • Farmers markets bring fresh food to the city. Who benefits? City folks (healthy and local food), rural communities (farm income).
    • Energy nonprofits and construction businesses make homes and buildings more energy efficient. Who benefits? Households (lower utility bills), workers (green jobs), the planet (climate-friendly buildings).
    • Public health organizations address economic and environmental factors in the poor health of certain neighborhoods and communities. Who benefits? Everyone (availability of resources to support community health, economic stability including fewer taxpayer-funded emergency room visits, social support including public safety).

Our clients, working in the complex tangle of interconnected challenges, inspire us every day.

Healthy Environment

Living lighter on the planet

Promoting land conservation, sustainability, and water protection are just three areas where Solid Ground devotes itself to environmental health. A long list of clients –working toward a healthy natural and built environment – reflects our commitment to supporting innovative organizations and their integrated, smart solutions to local and global environmental problems.

We live on a finite, small and fragile planet. Take care of it. It’s the only one we’ve got.


Thriving Economy

An economic divide persists in growing among individuals, groups, and communities. We see a need to develop new ways of economic thinking and believe that this entails putting our heads together to invent a thriving economy for all – because business-as-usual is no longer an option. That place where innovation meets pragmatic reality – that’s where we and our clients do our best work. 

Vibrant Community

Community is your neighborhood, your town, the local school, the grange hall, a place of worship. It is a place where people gather for conversation, talking over the back fence, or in the school gymnasium or cafeteria, at the park or in the community center.
Technology has allowed for another kind of community to grow over the years: communities of interest, where people who share affiliations, or ideas, or work in the same sector can meet online for peer support and sharing information.

Solid Ground works with clients who build community in both senses of the word, partnering with organizations working in the arts, education, community development, affordable housing, and social services. The key is to get people engaged. While you can root for your team from the sidelines, there’s a lot more excitement and ownership of the score when you’re actually playing the game.