Velynn Brown



  • Velynn Brown

Velynn brings over 25 years of nonprofit start up, community engagement and program management to our team. Velynn’s personal and professional background has been steeped in empowering and elevating the most underserved and underrepresented communities and families in Oregon. Understanding the unique challenges and constraints facing the most vulnerable and marginalized, Velynn supports leaders, communities and institutions in restructuring and reimagining more equitable and inclusive spaces. Velynn has spent the last four years as an executive coach, affinity activist and racial equity consultant.

Velynn speaks locally and nationally on how to move communities and organizations to be more just, connected and whole. Velynn brings her whole heart, strategic thinking and passion for leaders to disrupt status quo while reimaginig new structures and ways of being that empower all. Her greatest passion is to witness individuals and institutions both being and doing the work of diversity, equity and inclusion.