Dori Rosenblum

Business Manager


  • Dori-Web-2020

Dori Rosenblum is one of those people who can twist and lift herself into a standing pretzel pose — and keep smiling. More than 25 years of yoga practice helps that way.

It may also explain the equilibrium she could fall back on to master a set of new skills and grow into Solid Ground’s business manager.

“I didn’t have all the skills necessary when I started here at Solid Ground, but I was the right person for the job,” she says. “I have worked hard to have what it takes.”

No fear of hard work is a theme in Dori’s life. Like being a mom: “Parenting — it’s a hard job and never ending.” Or overcoming a stubborn resistance: “I recently took up running for exercise after a lifetime of saying I will never run. It’s hard, but I am doing it.”

Not that life’s all hard work for Dori. She’s still the same person who likes to dress up in costumes, go to music festivals, and laugh herself silly any chance she gets.

Before joining Solid Ground, she was on “the 10-year plan” – changing directions every 10 years. Her career began in social services at a parent-child center, then she opened a bookstore with two other women, followed by a period of being a stay-at-home mom for her two kids and working as an independent bookkeeper.

Today she brings her love of hard work, attention to detail and always-ready-for-fun attitude to the Solid Ground offices for all to enjoy.