Our Team

Strength through diversity and a shared system

When we think of our team here at Solid Ground Consulting, we think of an aspen grove.

Above ground sprout hundreds of individual trees, some shorter, some taller, some younger, some older. Invisible below ground is a single shared root system derived from one seedling. No two aspens are identical, but they each draw sustenance from one shared source.

The Solid Ground culture encourages and rewards individual expression and differences. Clones we are not. But we understand we’re stronger as individuals and as a firm because of a shared system of theory and practices in organizational development.

This symbiosis between diverse talents and a common system gives us the confidence and capacity we work so hard to develop in our clients.

We’re each different. And we’re each more because of the other. We’re fun-loving; we’re committed; and we care. Take a few minutes to get to know us.