William White



  • willwhite

Will has 30 years of professional experience in the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors, with a special focus on affordable housing, community development, and public policy. Most recently, he served as Senior Advisor to Senator Jeff Merkley, where he was responsible for housing matters as well as foreign policy, defense, and veterans’ issues. Prior to that, Will was the director of Portland’s Bureau of Housing and Community Development for five years and executive director of the nonprofit Housing Development Center for ten years. He began his career as owner of a general contracting business on the East Coast.

Will has served on numerous boards and is a certified mediator. His passion for social justice dates back to his years working as a community development volunteer for the Peace Corps in Latin America in the sixties, and he has never lost his commitment to creating sound public policies and finding the most effective way to put them into practice. He is known for his personal integrity and his ability to get a wide variety of individuals and organizations to work together more productively. He earned his B.A. from Yale University.