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When Arty Trost told people she intended to fly her ultralight aircraft from Oregon to Florida and back, everyone had something to say – and none of it was positive. “An ultralight can’t fly that far – you’ll never make it.” ” No woman has ever done anything like that.” “You’re not a spring chicken…remember how old you are.” “Do you have a death wish?”

Arty just moved ahead with her careful planning. “No one believed that it was possible, that I could do it. I believed I could, so I went ahead and did it anyway.”

Between March 28 and May 16, 2009, she flew round trip from one corner of the country to the other in an aircraft that’s been described as a telephone pole with wings and a lawnmower engine. “It was an absolutely fantastic trip!”

As you can probably guess, doubters don’t impress Arty. “I don’t let other people determine what I’m capable of.”

And if she has anything to say about it, neither will any of her clients fall prey to the cynics and skeptics. Arty is a nationally known consultant who specializes in leadership development, board development, performance management and thoughtful risk taking. Her consulting and workshops help individuals and organizations clear away the doubts and obstacles to reach their full potential.

‘Others tell me I really put my whole heart into my work. I believe we can change whatever we really want to change.’

“I am a trouble shooter and sometimes trouble maker for management, depending on what is needed for their organization,” she says. “Others tell me I really put my whole heart into my work. I believe we can change whatever we really want to change. We just have to be willing to look hard for possibilities and different options. It’s not necessarily easy, but challenges have a way of stirring excitement and energy.”

Her extensive consulting experience provides a rich resource for participants. Her clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to public agencies to small grassroots community organizations throughout the US. Arty has presented workshops, seminars and institutes across the country and keynoted national, regional and state conferences.

In 1989 she was honored by an invitation to become a member of the internationally renowned NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. She is also co-author of the book, “Gaining Momentum for Board Action.”

Arty lives with her husband on an “old MacDonald’s farm.” When she’s not consulting she’s fixing fences, cleaning out the barn, or flying her ultralight. And she knows she can go anywhere she wants with it.