About Us

The team at Solid Ground Consulting is connected by a desire to make a difference. It’s a desire we share with thousands of people working to make a difference in every corner of every community. And sometimes we can help.

As organizational, strategy, and leadership consultants who care about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’re on this planet to engage with others to make a greater impact. When people have the confidence and skills, and a clear pathway to achieve their goals, they can make all the difference in the world.

A can-do team

Clients need us to be strategic and smart partners. They need us to be able to plan ahead but also innovate on the fly, based on our own experience. Every one of us at Solid Ground works hard to apply what we know and where we’ve been with intention and intelligence.

Our clients value that about us. They also appreciate that we care about their work, their organizations, and their people.

We partner with our clients to bring meaningful change and improvements to their efforts.

We bring to our clients our knowledge, our experiences, and our belief that what we do every day matters.  We partner with our clients to bring meaningful change and improvements to their efforts – our clients’ success shows up in the communities they serve in myriad ways.

Our mission and our values matter

We are committed to social justice, a healthy environment, vibrant communities, and thriving economies. We live our mission’s values as our most important bottom line.

What does this mean for people working with Solid Ground Consulting? 

  • Quality: We do work that makes a lasting difference and inspires confidence.
  • Authenticity: We bring who we are to what we do.
  • Integrity: We make thoughtful commitments and keep them.
  • Relationships: We value, respect, and want to get to know the people we partner with as clients.

We are strategic partners with our clients and help them overcome the obstacles that stand in the way.  We’re proud to be part of a team that matters.  It’s why we love what we do so much.

But what about the specifics?

Facilitation. Training. Engagement. Consulting. Virtually everything we do as a firm to help our clients fits into one of these four boxes. Here’s a look inside: