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Adding value through vacation

The pursuit of balance and fun

Most of our time here at D2 is spent working hard for our clients by acting with intention, responding to requests with authenticity, producing quality work, making sure we speak with integrity, and taking any and every given opportunity to learn in order to conduct good business. But once a year, usually in August, we tackle the other two values that, amid impossibly packed schedules, seem to get quietly swept under the rug. These two values, of course, are balance and fun.

This August we are taking these two values extremely seriously as we anticipate a busy and full fall quarter. The reason that values like “balance” and “fun” are included as part of the D2 philosophy is because we are firm believers that our work is only as good as the energy we put into it. And that energy is directly connected to how much time and importance we place on work/life balance.

Fun, of course, is an integral part of that balance because it speaks to the part of us that we too often forget exists – the inner child that calls to us to skip down the hall at work or take a break to walk down the street just to buy an ice cream cone. Whether we admit it or not, these values tend to fall to the wayside when it comes time to crack the whip and get work done. So this month, we are taking a moment to appreciate our staff for taking care of themselves by remembering that balance and fun are equally important to conducting good business and producing quality work, in fact, they are essential to it.

D2 newlywed Allison Handler (right) taking on both balance and fun with husband John Miller (left) by appreciating the beauty of the wilderness that we strive to protect through our work with land trust conservations. Photo taken at Victoria, Canada, on the way to Salt Spring Island.