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Growing a strong board

Marc Smiley shares the key principles

How can a Board better manage unforeseen challenges? What does it take to grow a stronger Board? How can an unengaged Board become re-engaged? Decisions Decisions’ senior partner Marc Smiley answers these questions and more in his most recent article which was published in the summer issue of the Land Trust Alliance’s own Saving Land Magazine. Using the Thousand Islands Land Trust in Clayton, New York as a case study, Marc tackles some of the common and seldom-yet-serious issues that Land Trust Boards often face. The article identifies the key principles every Executive Director trying to build a strong, authentic, and engaged board should abide by.

“One key principal for successful board engagement is making sure everyone has something to do.”

The article gracefully highlights the importance of taking time to invest in a board so that it will be both successful in the short term and sustainable in the long term. A part of investing in the board means each member is aware and in touch with the key issues and critical conversations happening within the organizational walls. Marc provides practical approaches for engaging boards on a variety of levels while underscoring the very relevant role of relationship building and the essentials of understanding board culture.

“As Andrew Wood of Thousand Islands Land Trust will tell you, it also helps to build a better board if everyone genuinely cares about each other.”

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