Sustainable Leadership

Biggest bangs for capacity-building bucks

Capacity building is a popular term these days. Everyone from practitioners to foundation CEOs is calling for increased attention to the capacity-building needs of nonprofit organizations. Done well, the process increases the ability of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions.

Traditional efforts to build nonprofit capacity have typically focused on expanding an organization’s resources. Resources come in many forms: financial, physical, people.

Solid Ground believes one of the most important aspects of capacity building is leadership development. No other capacity-building effort generates the same return on investment. Solid leadership, whether on the board or among staff, impacts all aspects of the organization. Effective leaders:

  • Facilitate the acquisition and development of resources
  • Strengthen the organization’s outreach activities
  • Set the tone for internal management decisions
  • Provide the public face to the external world and enhance the organization’s image, prestige, and reputation within the community
  • Build partnerships, collaborations, and other working relationships that advance the goals of the organization

We’ve made it our mission to build the capacity and confidence of leaders to make a difference.

Leadership for nonprofit organizations can come from many sources, including professional staff, board members, and volunteers. Wherever they reside, leaders motivate others and create action. They envision and articulate the organization’s goals. And they establish the systems and mechanisms to achieve those goals. It’s easy to understand why building leadership capacity is essential to a nonprofit’s success.

We support the growth of leadership among our clients in two primary ways:

  • enhancing existing leadership
  • developing new leadership

We relish the opportunity to help because the nonprofit sector is facing a dramatic change as seasoned leaders retire and pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. We’ve made it our mission to build the capacity and confidence of leaders to make a difference.