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Will the circles be unbroken

This from environmentalist and entrepreneur Paul Hawken: “All is connected…no one thing can change by itself.”

Amen, brother. Start pulling on the thread of an environmental, community, or economic problem and you eventually discover it’s linked with many others – making it even trickier to solve.

This is not really news to the organizations and companies that Solid Ground works with. Our clients live and work at the intersection of community, environment, and economy:

  • Land conservation groups protect critical lands and signature landscapes. Who benefits? Wild things (a place to call home), people (refreshing natural beauty), communities (tourism, viable working lands).
  • Farmers markets bring fresh food to the city. Who benefits? City folks (healthy grub), rural communities (farm income).
  • Energy nonprofits and construction businesses make homes and buildings more energy efficient. Who benefits? Households (lower utility bills), workers (green jobs), the planet (climate-friendly buildings).
  • Public health organizations take aim at economic and environmental factors in the poor health of certain neighborhoods and communities. Who benefits? Everyone (better health, fewer taxpayer-funded emergency room visits).

Our clients get it: It’s all connected, and we’re all in this together.

It might seem these groups are trying to create change on too many fronts at one time. Why not just stick to economic development or environmental restoration or social justice and leave the rest to others? Because our clients get it: It’s all connected, and we’re all in this together.

So get on board. There’s work to be done.